Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Photos from team play at Cypress Point and the Preserve in Monterey area

After a recent round played at Cypress Point this email was sent to the membership about the course record round by senior Jordan Cox:

Big news from the Cypress Point Club. Jordon Cox, a member of the Stanford Golf Team, shot a 63 and joined Ben Hogan, Jim Langley and Casey Reamer in sharing the course record.
Happy golfing!
Ken Schley/Jim Vorhes
Golf Captains
Coach Ray shares photos in a Picasa album (see link below) and a note from the team's recent play at Cypress Point and the Preserve in the Monterey area. "We just got back from a great day at Cypress and the Preserve. Cox ties Hogan CR at CPC .... 63. Kearney fires back to back to back 66's. Good warm up for NCAA's!" Here's the link to the photo album.

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