Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Qualifying is underway for the Isleworth Collegiate

Isleworth CC near Orlando, Florida
Team qualifying has been completed for three spots to go to the Isleworth Collegiate Oct 24-26 near Orlando, Florida.  Andrew Yun and Cameron Wilson are exempt from qualifying and will be traveling based on their strong play at the Prestige where they finished 1st and 5th respectively.  There will be one coaches pick plus the two lowest qualifiers traveling.

Based on the qualifying results below Steve Ziegler and Shane Lebow will be traveling and the coach's pick is senior Sihwan Kim.

David Chung is not available as he is off to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to play as part of the US World Amateur team for the Eisenhower Trophy --- congrats to David.

After 9-hole and 12-hole qualifying rounds played at the Seibel Varsity Training Center plus a round at famed San Francisco Golf Club here are the final standings:

1. Andrew Yun 35+45+68 = 148 Exempt
2. Steve Ziegler 34+43+74 = 151 Qualified
3. Cameron Wilson 35+46+71 = 152 Exempt
4. Shane Lebow 35+46+73 = 154 Qualified
T5. Sihwan Kim 34+46+76 = 156  Coach's Pick
T5. Andre De Decker 34++79 = 156
7. Steven Kearney 34+50+75 = 159
8. Graham Brockington 36+47+79 = 162
9. Wilson Bown 34+46+83 = 163
N/A - David Chung 32+44 (left for World Amateur) = 76

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