Monday, September 27, 2010

Qualifying after 4 rounds for the Prestige at PGA West

PGA West at La Quinta
Qualifying for the 2nd event, the Prestige hosted by Stanford and played at PGA West in La Quinta, is underway beginning with an early morning round at the Stanford golf course.  A second round of 14 holes was played at the Seibel Varsity Training Center (SVTC) and a third round was played at the excellent California Golf Club (7,216 yards, par 72) in San Bruno.  The fourth round was played at Stanford on Saturday, 10/2.  Here are the results thus far:

David Chung  68-48-72-72 = 260
Andrew Yun  69-49-71-75 = 264
Shane Lebow  67-52-74-72 = 265
Sihwan Kim  74-54-66-71 = 265
Steven Kearney  70-49-76-70 = 265
Steve Ziegler  74-49-78-66 = 267
Graham Brockington  69-51-75-73 = 268
Cameron Wilson  73-51-77-68 = 269
Wilson Bowen  73-51-77-82 = 283
Andre De Decker  78-51-81-84 = 294
Ziegler tees off on 14 on way to a 4-under 66 at Stanford

Below are short videos taken by Ass't Coach Phil Rowe of all players qualifying at the SVTC on 9/27 - to see a larger videos click on the center of the video which will take you to YouTube.  Most of the shots are 190-215 yard iron shots --- captains of player names and description of shots can be seen by mousing over the bottom floating images off the videos.

Sihwan's 66 shows he's finding his game again.  Below are three short videos from his excellent round at California Golf Club on 9/29.

We'll update on additional tournament qualifying as it occurs!

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